simon-west-headshotSimon West started his career when he joined the BBC Film Department aged 18 as an assistant film editor. After four years of working on numerous prestigious BBC dramas, documentaries and current affairs programs West left to direct music videos and TV commercials gaining many international industry awards. His commercial work lead to work in the US where several of his award winning “Superbowl Spots” caught the attention of the Hollywood Studios.

West’s first film “CON AIR” starring Nicholas Cage was quickly followed by “THE GENERAL’S DAUGHTER” starring John Travolta and then “LARA CROFT: TOMB RAIDER” starring Angelina Jolie. West is the only live action director ever whose first three 3 films all grossed over $100m at the US box office.

West then served as an executive producer on the Oscar nominated “BLACK HAWK DOWN”. (He will be reteaming with BLACK HAWK DOWN writer Ken Nolan to direct THUNDER RUN based on the book “Thunder Run” written by Pulitzer Prize winning journalist David Zucchino).

West followed up with “WHEN A STRANGER CALLS” starring Camille Belle which opened number one at the US box office.

West then went on to direct a dark and moody remake of “THE MECHANIC” starring Jason Statham and Ben Foster followed by his biggest box office success to date “THE EXPENDABLES 2”. This film starred almost every action star in the movie world and grossed over $300m in worldwide box office.

West has also had success in TV. His television company has produced acclaimed series for the US such as Fox’s “KEEN EDDIE” and “HUMAN TARGET”, the CBS series “CLOSE TO HOME” and the NBC series “THE CAPE”.

West recently added to his body of work in film by completing “STRATTON” staring Dominic Cooper, the film was released on 1 September this year. He also added “SALTY” staring Antonio Banderas to his repertoire.